The Problem.

Shea Butter is a wonderful natural product, it’s called women’s gold for a reason. Unfortunately, making something so beautiful is often an ugly, and exhausting job. The nuts are gathered, boiled and sun-dried before they are pounded and grounded into a paste. The paste is then mixed with water to separate the fat, which is manually churned into a creamy butter. 

This energy sapping job has been done admirably by African women for centuries.

Despite the Shea Butter industry being worth over $100 billion a year to the African economy, it’s still shockingly, for the most part, a highly unregulated industry.

This means that the women who make Shea Butter are often mistreated by those higher up the food chain. They are often grossly underpaid for their hard work, with the majority share of the profits shared between the middleman and the end distributor. We strongly believe that every woman has the right to be treated with respect and adequately paid for their hard work and talent.


Our Solution

Our mission is to empower the women and families whose hard work and ingenuity make our products and service to you possible. We do this by working with and sourcing our products exclusively from female-led cooperatives in West Africa.

By doing this, Shea collectors benefit from regular employment in different roles within production; training in health, safety and disease control and medical care. In addition to being educated on how to take advantage of other revenue-generating opportunities such as teaching and agriculture.

We do this in order to ensure that women are adequately rewarded for helping to make the skin of millions of others glow. Ultimately, empowering Queens, one box at a time.


 Mission and Our Impact

Proud Members & Supporters.

The GSA is a non-profit industry association with over 450 members from 33 countries including women’s groups, brands and retailers, suppliers, and NGOs. Through public-private partnerships, the GSA promotes industry sustainability, quality practices and standards, and demand for shea in food and cosmetics.

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