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… and we believe that skincare should be fair, convenient, and affordable.

How it works

Explore our selection of natural skincare ingredients


Choose the plan that fits your skincare routine and works perfectly for you – and then, put your feet up.

Box of fresh, safe, and natural butters, essential oils, and carrier oils


We’ll send you a box of fresh, safe, and natural butters, essential and carrier oils, and African Black Soap along with information and fact sheets to get you started.

Enjoy natural and sustainable skincare


Enjoy the feeling of supple, healthy skin and related compliments. Natural and sustainable skincare on your terms.

Totally Convenient

Totally Convenient.

Delivered to your Door

Delivered to your Door.

Regular Delivery of Organic Butters, Essential Oils & Carrier oils

A flexible, regular delivery of organic butters, essential oils & carrier oils.

Fair & Sustainable

Fair & Sustainable.

 Pause, skip or cancel anytime

Pause, skip or cancel anytime.

Empowering Queens, One Box at a Time

Empowering Queens, One Box at a Time

Raw & Natural Butters

We believe that if it can’t go in your mouth, then it shouldn’t go on your skin. Our selection of food-grade butter is 100% natural and can be used directly on your skin. 

 Our range contains large quantities of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and omega – they’re softening and hypoallergenic.

Skin Care Products - Raw and Natural Butters
African Black Soaps

African Black Soaps

We know it looks like a brownie, but we promise it’s much healthier and more useful. Need to exfoliate, get rid of acne, or cleanse your skin? Use this.

 The soap contains raw shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, and cocoa pods. Made free of dyes, charcoal and artificial perfumes, this vegan-friendly soap is sure to pack a punch.

Powerful Essential Oils

The essence of plants in liquid form. They have a long list of powers including soothing irritated skin, reducing signs of ageing, making acne history, and protecting your skin from sun damage.

Powerful Essential Oils
 Honest Carrier Oils

Honest Carrier Oils

It would be wrong to get one without the other. Our carrier oils are pumped full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and skin-healing vitamins.

They can be used with essential oils to make it easier for your skin to absorb them. Each month we’ll send you a unique combination to ensure that your skin is at its best.

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